Mindset is one of the biggest influences in our lives. It impacts performance, progress and confidence. It even impacts our quality of life.

This course presents a fun and straightforward way to understand the influence of mindset on our thoughts and actions. Get to know your high-performance self and low-performance self and how to keep the first one around and tell the other one to move on!

Hi, I’m Annika McGivern.

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology

BA Psychology

I work with athletes, coaches and personal trainers to help them train and compete with confidence. I specialize in building new beliefs, mindsets and habits that form the foundation of confidence and consistent performance.

My courses teach psychological skills AND teach you how to turn them into habits. They go far beyond basic "tips and tricks" by showing you how to build your identity around the core elements of success, happiness and progress.

By training your belief systems, mindset, goal clarity and internal habits you can achieve higher performance alongside a calm, confidence and energized state of mind

This course is closed for enrollment.